Sparsha USA Foundation

Over the past decade, many people around the world having ties with India have lent their generous support to Sparsha’s mission. In the US, these include PIOsliving in the US, Americans who have lived or worked in India, or others who are moved by the opportunity to make a huge difference in the lives of needy children through an award-winning organization with a proven track record of success. These include volunteers sharing their expertise, individual donors, business and government leaders, and corporations looking to support worthy causes.

To help interested US-based donors support Sparsha’s mission, in February 2022, we’ve registered Sparsha USA Foundation, a Delaware-based 501(c)(3) organization which allows tax exemption for US-based donors. According to federal regulations, we’ve created a US-based Board of Directors of successful and committed business leaders to oversee the activities. To ensure we stay efficient and aligned with Sparsha’s mission, Gopinath Ramappa, the founder of Sparsha, is included on the Sparsha USA Foundation board as well. We’ve designed the organization to have full transparency and minimal overhead, so that donations are put to maximal use.

Supporting Sparsha Trust

SparshaTrust does importantwork to protect and support needy children in India – protecting children from abusive or unsafe situations, helping children get enrolled in school, and creating a path forchildren to becoming happy, productive members of society.

Sparsha USA Foundation Mission

To create a society free of exploitation of children and help children manifest
their inherent potential and talents.


  • Support Sparsha Trust, a registered Charitable Trust in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, and potentially other like-minded organizations, working for the holistic protection and development of needy and vulnerable children.
  • Execute fundraising, volunteer, educational, and other programs to help provide resources and expertise that support Child Protection, Child Care, and Child Development services.
  • Create an open and transparent organization that inspires trust among all stakeholders that the donated money is being used effectively and efficiently, and provides a way for interested parties to engage in Sparsha USA Foundation’s mission.

Sparsha Trust key programs include

Residential Homes where approximately 750 at-risk children are protected, developed and enrolled in schools and colleges;

We Care For You program supporting the education and family requirements for nearly 1000 children who have lost parents due to Covid-19;

Youth Skills Development and Women’s Empowerment Programs to encourage employability and financial sustainability for 1500 students and 400 women every year;

Creative Campus program, working with the government schools to increase the quality of rural education;

Early Childcare for nearly 3000 young children of women working at construction sites

Many other programs focused on direct service for needy children, their families an  society.

Sparsha USA Foundation Board