The motive behind the start of the Sparsha Trust is to be able to provide poor and deprived children the basics of living standards such as food, shelter and education. This will enable them to live a life of dignity and self-esteem. Children being provided education and life skills are able to accomplish a good livelihood for themselves and their family.

The core to this started long back when five young post graduates, having completed their Masters in Social Work decided to do something to improve the conditions of the children living on the streets of Bangalore. Mr. Gopinath R. was one among them who had a troublesome childhood where he was forced to work as a laborer at a tender age when children go to school. However, he was blessed with the opportunity to get educated at the perusal of his family. Finally, having gained an insight into the field of Social Work, Mr. Gopinath laid down the foundation of his community service starting with the poor children.

Reaching out to underprivileged children

Every evening Mr. Gopinath started to teach children who cannot go to schools. What started with just few children being taught inside paper huts, soon became a massive movement as the group started to approach many more such kids.

These are young children forced into begging, rag-picking, and to work as child laborers. Many of these children were exploited by their own families.

The lives of these young kids were deprived with the basics of care and protection.



Starting Sparsha Trust

In the pursuit of making Sparsha’s intent of helping these young minds to obtain the education that they deserve come true, along with his friend D.S Krishna and wife Chitra Mr. Gopinath R. formed and registered the Sparsha Trust in 2005.

Sparsha Trust means ‘to touch a needy’ and for over a decade and half the team has been helping such deprived kids to live a life of entity, hope, and respect.

Our vision and objectives

By 2013, the core team of Sparsha had started to expand and since then we have been able to reach several milestones having enrolled over 3000 children* to government affiliated schools in Bangalore.

We have been able to:

  • Create a safe home for every child with access to clean shelters, food, and clothing.
  • Stop child labor in several areas and ensure children enjoy their constitutional rights of a secure childhood.
  • Work with these children to uplift their creativity and enhance their self-confidence.
  • Provide skills-oriented education to empower such deprived children.
  • Raise awareness about child rights, care, development, and protection.

*Refer to the statistics

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