Migrants from different states of India migrate to urban areas and big cities in search of a livelihood. Working mostly in the construction sector, the families live in poor housing conditions that lackssafety and basic amenities. Their children, especially those under 6 years, lack access to a safe environment, learning and growth opportunities due to poverty. Older children are engaged mostly in sibling care and housework due to which they are deprived of education.

The children, especially girls, face the risk of under-age marriage and different forms of verbal, sexual and physical abuse. 

Started in 2015, the Mobile Creche programme makes it possible for children of construction labourers to access early childhood care, health care and activities leading to physical and intellectual development.

Supporting children agedfrom 0 to 14 years, the Mobile Crècheprogramme also engages parents, builders, communitiesand Government stakeholders in improving the lives of the children and their families.  

43 mobile crèchecenters

  • 28
    Bangalore Urban
  • 2
    Bangalore Rural
  • 7
  • 2
  • 4
  • Identification of children of construction workers and needs assessment.
  • Developing child and learning friendly infrastructure for physical and mental development of children.
  • Providing nutrients enriched food, health care and conducting daily learning activities.
  • Awareness sessions for parents on importance of education, social entitlements, heath care, nutrition, and hygiene.
  • Engaging the children with educational activities that prepare them to mainstream in schools.
  • Engage with community, builders, Government departments and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) of Corporate.

7500 children About 5000 families 45 communities

Improved productivity of parents, especially mothers, as they were able to focus on their work without worrying about their children.

Increase in savings as families did not have to spend money on child care, health care, and learning.

Improvement in reading, writing and language skills of children,parentsenroll children in schools.

Improvement in health and nutritional status of children,participationof parents, builders, communities, and stakeholders in creche activities leading to sustainability.

Reduction in child kidnapping and trafficking as they are under the care of mobile creches.

Improvement in the families’ health and hygiene and socio-economic status.

Expanding to about 200 mobile creches across Karnataka and other states with the support of Government, buildersand CSR.