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Each day, we come across cases of children working as laborers or who are victims of different forms of abuse and violence. Children from BPL families (Below Poverty Line) in particular face the risk of trafficking or get into begging, rag picking or different addictions. Cases of missing children or home runaways or children into conflict with law are also being reported regularly. Girls in particular face the additional threat of under-age marriage and sexual crimes.

In this context, there was a need for a country wide initiative to not only identify children in exploitative conditions but also to ensure their care and protection as well as engage the public and stakeholders in creating a support system for them.  

Childline India Foundation, a nodal agency of the Ministry of Women and Child Development, is working with reliable NGO partners across India to implement the Childline 1098, which is anemergency phone number that is operational 24/7. Citizens can dial this number from across India to report about children in distress so that timely action can be taken to rescue them and provide them with the required assistance.

Working as the lead NGO, Sparsha Trust is an implementation partner of the Childline 1098 project in Bangalore Rural and Kolar District, Karnataka since 2015. Through its prompt response to calls from Childline 1098’s Childline Connectivity Centre, it is strengthening the Indian Government's interventions to rescueand safeguard children found in situations that violate childrights.

Bangalore Rural Kolar District

  • Responding to calls informing about children in distress and taking immediate action.
  • Awareness about Childline 1098 and protection of child rights through wall paintings, awareness sessions in schools, and public places, engagement with parents, stakeholders including legal and para-legal authorities, and village panchayats.
  • Facilitating children-friendly Grama Panchayats and conducting open house programs to identify and resolve children’s issues.
  • Rescue and rehabilitative interventions for children found in exploitative situations or in distress.

About 3500 children (direct and indirect impact)

  • Public is increasingly reporting cases related to child marriage, child labour, and children in distress or exploitative conditions.
  • Increased awareness about child rights violations and ways to safeguard children.
  • Increased participation by public, families, academic institutions, and stakeholders in child protection.
  • Timely rescue of children from situation of exploitation and distress including rescue of girls from early marriage.
  • Reinstating of school dropouts, child labourers and children who are rag picking or begging into schools and informal learning systems.
  • Sustainable stakeholder and community participatory interventions.
  • Reduction in child marriage by 80%, child labourers by 90% and school drop outsby (90%) and other forms of children abuse, exploitation and neglect by 70% in the working areas.
  • Childline 1098will have 80% reach in project implementation areas including villages, talukas, and village panchayats.

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