There is a need for creating awareness and building the capacities of social development sector professionals, right from the grassroots level to management level on various aspects of key players including beneficiaries, and stakeholders. The core areas of focus will relate to physical and mental development and addressing social issues.In this context, there is need to develop training modules, research papers, publications, case studies, articles, video and audio blogs. The scope of the research will focus on all aspects related to children and youth, right from the womb to infancy up to18 years of age.

Proposed to be launched in 2023, the Child Research and Development Centreaims to study, research, &publish articles about children’s issues , biological & mental growth of child from the mother's womb to 18 years. Train on proper parenting and child upbringing for mothers, fathers, teachers, anganwadistaff and other stakeholders who are working directly or indirectly with children.

  • Karnataka (1st phase)
  • India (2nd phase)
    Stage 1
  • Preparing a concept.
  • Constituting a core group of 20 members (domain experts related to child rights, development, and related issues.)
  • Appointing researchers and working members.
  • Office set up, clearances and approvals.
  • Researching on the various child development models across globe.
  • Raising finance for project development and management.

    Stage 2
  • Procuring land with construction of self-owned building, obtaining required clearances and approvals.
  • Construction of the building.
  • Employing domain experts (full time, contractual basis).
  • Launch of activities – research on various aspects of child rights and development, children related issues in different fields (physical, intellectual, social, emotional, stress management, health).

    Stage 3
  • Interim outputs – drafts related to dissemination of information in various forms publications, seminars, video and written blogs, posters, flip charts materials.
  • Stakeholder engagement (parents, officials, grassroots workers) through trainings, workshops.
  • Finalizing the deliverables (one time and on-going) and dissemination – website, social media (YouTube), visual and audio, publications, and posters.
  • Knowledge empowerment of change agents, social sector professionals and stakeholders.
  • Application of the knowledge leading to improved lives of the children in various aspects and protection of their child rights.
  • Comprehensive child development leading to progress of the community and society.
  • Intensive training of an estimated 5000 persons (community leaders and grassroots level workers) annually (will be scaled up)
  • Creating awareness among an estimated 5 lakhs persons annually about children related issues. (5000 grassroots workers reaching out to 100 persons each).
  • Complete 80% of research institution, onboarding of experts and staff, training, preparation of information collaterals, dissemination of information, reaching out to about 5000 persons through different forms of training.