Our Results

(As of 2018)

  • 8000 children have been positively affected through our activities and 3000 enrolled to schools
  • About 2500 families have directly benefitted
  • About 310 youth have benefitted  through our MAST and STEP centres
  • About 350 homeless families have benefitted through our shelter for the homeless programmes
  • About 25000 persons have got social entitlement or security schemes
  • About 100 crèches reached out to nearly 5000 children from families who are migrants or belong to the unorganized work sector. Organized early care centres for these children
  • From 2015 till date, about 54 cases of child marriages came to our notice, of which we have stopped 41 marriages in 2016-2017
  • Counselled about 19 children who were sexually abused, produced before CWC, and filed FIR through the person concerned (parents) 2016-2017