Volunteering with children:

Volunteers from different parts of the country and the world have contributed significantly to the growth of Sparsha Trust. Not only have the children of various programmes of Sparsha Trust benefitted, but even the staff has learnt from the expertise and experience of volunteers in many ways. Volunteers are always welcome and we work to make it a mutually satisfying experience. 

Child Protection:

  • Help by calling Child line 1098 at any time to rescue the children who are in need of care and protection
  • Refer any child you find, who need care and shelter in Bangalore

Child Care and Development:

  • Teaching yoga, meditation, and personality development
  • Counseling the children about their skills and career guidance
  • Helping children to develop their creativity in art and crafts, theatre and cultural activities
  • Sharing knowledge of agriculture and landscape at our Nisarga Grama and Makkala Dhama children shelters
  • Motivating the children to innovate in science
  • Creating awareness on health and hygiene related issues and on maintaining cleanliness in the community
  • Engaging children in learning activities in both Kannada and English and computer operation 
  • Creating digital content for educational and learning purposes 

Youth Skill Development

  • Teaching Spoken English, Basic computer, career Guidance, soft skills, financial literacy and work place readiness.

Volunteering for Admin and Organizational Development

We welcome volunteers who have a special interest in any of the following activities:

  • Developing the center’s infrastructure
  • Developing the staff’s technical skills
  • Plan exposure programs in learning, organize children excursions, lead health check-ups, conduct or host sports activities, and support processes to enroll children to school
  • Actively work on our website, Facebook Page, Twitter and other communication channels
  • Get involved in fundraising activities for our projects