Makkala Dhama – A sanctuary for the children of Sparsha Trust

Our objective

Makkala Dhama is a multi-dimensional development shelter that will be run by Sparsha Trust for neglected, abused and exploited boys, at Devenahalli, Bangalore. There are over 300 boys in the care of Sparsha Trust, and they are currently housed in several rented locations across Bangalore. This arrangement, however, isn’t ideal—we have to constantly deal with frequent changes in facilities, increased operational costs and disruption to critical development initiatives. With Makkala Dhama, we aim to consolidate our efforts so that we can provide more focused care to these boys, and also enroll more boys in need of care and protection referred by the Child Welfare Committee, the Child Helpline and other child welfare authorities.


The location

We considered several factors before finalizing the site for the Makkala Dhama project. Aspects such as the buildable area, neighborhood safety, walking distance to schools, potential for integration with neighboring communities for jobs and placement, and proximity to potential employers and volunteers. To meet our objective, after an extensive search, we have finalized two acres of land in Devenahalli Taluk, Bettakote Panchayat in Doddahosahalli village.

The design

We have joined hands with a reputed construction company, Value Homes Private Limited, to design Makkala Dhama. The shelter is being designed keeping the safety and development of the children in mind. Dormitories will be separated by age groups, with attached wash rooms, and nearby caretaker rooms. The dining area will double up as vocational center. There are special purpose rooms such as a library, a computer lab and an outdoor recreational area for sports, events and learning activities.


Amenities for residents

The housing for boys comes with several amenities:

Living facilities: dormitories with proper attached washrooms, kitchen and dining hall

Educational facilities: in-house learning center, library, computer lab, science lab, arts and crafts room, and study rooms

Outdoor area: playground, sports
facilities and space for eco- and agro-learning activities

In-house community-based services: healthcare, nutrition, vocational training, schooling and employment opportunities, and corporate volunteer networks

Impact on the society

Our aim is to provide children from poverty-stricken or broken families access to food, shelter and health facilities, along with the opportunities to grow, study and explore their potential. We do this in the hope that we will help nurture:

• A capable young workforce for the country
• Disciplined and productive citizens
• Responsible young men who’ll support families through sustainable job opportunities


Together we can

We request your contribution for Makkala Dhama. Support the cause by extending your participation, here.