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Children from low income families or BPL families (Below Poverty Line) are prone to neglect, and often drop out from schools in order to supplement the family income by rag picking, begging or by working in garages, hotels, farms, brick kilns and other places. They also get involved in various addictions and juvenile crimes.Many children, in particular boys, undergo different forms of abuse, violence and exploitation, which often go unreported

According to a survey by Ministry of Women and Child Developmentin 2007, in 9 out of the 13 states surveyed, a higher percentage of sexual abuse was reported among boys than girls.In this context, there is an urgent need for identification of such children, in particular boys, and support them to access holistic care and development opportunities.

Started in 2016, Nisarga Grama is a flagship project of Sparsha Trust. Located in Hesarghatta, it is a multi-dimensional development centre with a capacity to house up to250 children. The residential child friendly campus not only provides care, protection and development opportunities to children, primarily boys, but also ensures their education, skills training, and mentoring in order to make them confident, independent and responsible

  • Identification and enrollment of children through Sparsha's projects, referrals from CWC (Child Welfare Committee) and Childline 1098and other stakeholders 
  • Improve health status by providing nutritious food, health care, age appropriate physical and mental development activities.
  • Providing experiential and comprehensive learning activities at the campus.
  • Career guidance, exposure trips, internship opportunities and support for higher education.

385 children 300 families

  • 98 boys staying in Nisarga Grama (as ofSeptember 2022) are protected from different forms of neglect, abuse, and exploitation.
  • Continuity in education…
  • The safe and nurturing environment has made the children confident, develop a positive attitude and showcase their potential
  • A center of excellence which will be an 'Impact Tourism' model which is replicable, scalable, and sustainable.
  • Participation in state and national level competitions in areas of culture, sports, art, and science. 
  • Facilitate the process for children to intern in government and corporate work places and accessto employment opportunities.
  • Mentor the children to become socially responsible and develop their capabilities to address various social issues.
  • Formation of Alumni Association for continuity, growth, and sustainability

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