Youth from low income groups who have studied till 10th Class or are college drop outs, needmarket friendly and job friendly vocational training in order to get work. They also need training in spoken English, basic computer operations, and life-skillsfor preparedness in different work environments.

Started in 2014, Sparsha Trust has been organizing market aligned skillstraining for youth aged 18 to 35 years that incorporates updated curriculumand new learningmethodologies. It supports them to get entry level employment in companies through referrals and campus interviews.

  • Bangalore Urban
  • Kolar
  • Mysore
  • 2500 youth of which 70% are females
  • Facilitated job placement for 70%

Identification of youth and enrollment

  • Training is conducted in areas that encourage entrepreneurship and are also placement friendly.
  • Focus on women’s socio-economic development.
  • Sessions by industry experts.
  • Practical experience, internship, exposure visits, on-campus interviews.
  • Referrals to job placement.
  • Formation of alumni to share their knowledge.
  • Engagement of CSR and government forums for sustainability

2500 youth and their families.

  • Youth are supported to get entry level work, become financially independent, and improve the standard of living for theirfamilies.
  • Youth become more responsible as they support education of siblings, health care of family members or improve home infrastructure.
  • Savings and investing helps youth to improve financial status
  • Training about 10000 youth of which about 60% will be females. • 70% job placement is undertaken.
  • 15% students supported to start their own enterprises.
  • Expansion to about 5Districts in 5 years.