Our Vision and Objectives

Gopi and childrenIn 2005, five young post graduates, who had just completed their Masters in Social Work, were moved by the condition of children on the streets. They saw that young children, whose minds should be engaged in educational activities, sports and recreational activities were into begging, rag picking or even working as child labourers.

Many of them were exploited and abused by elder children and their own families. Helpless and with no one to speak to for their rescue, the lives of these young children were deprived of even the basic need for care and protection.

JOLThese five post graduates could empathize with these children especially as some of them- Mr. Gopinath R-had experienced different types of hardships during his own childhood. Together, they started Sparsha Trust in 2005 with the aim to improve the lives of the street children and other vulnerable kids.

Their work started in a cow shed, working in the field with the children trying to understand the root cause of their problems and trying to resolve their issues. Over a period of time, the growing team of Sparsha Trust introduced various programs that included contact points, open shelters, day care centres and multi-dimensional development residential centre for children.

In 2013, five more members joined the core management team and since then the team has crossed various milestones and is now one of the most reputed NGOs of Bangalore. Reaching out to 8000 children and having supported the process of school enrollment of about 3000 children, Sparsha Trust is growing rapidly.


Our vision is of a society that is free of exploitation of children, where young kids are supported to discover their potential and given opportunities for comprehensive development.



  • Create a safe home for every child with free access to basic facilities like food, health, education and clothing
  • Ensure that children enjoy their constitutional rights and eradicate the child labour system
  • Develop the children’s creativity and strengthen their self-confidence
  • Provide quality and skills-oriented education to empower underprivileged children and youths
  • Create a community that  feels responsible towards children and social issues, works with them to ensure that every child has their own place
  • Raise public awareness and their sense of responsibility about Child Rights: care, protection, development and education