What we do

Sparsha’s intervention in child care and development for the underpriviledged

In 2005, five young post graduates, who had just completed their Masters in Social Work, were moved by the condition of children on the streets. They saw that young children, whose minds should be engaged in educational activities, sports and recreational activities were into begging, rag picking or even working as child labourers.

Many of them were exploited and abused by elder children and their own families. Helpless and with no one to speak to for their rescue, the lives of these young children were deprived of even the basic need for care and protection.

Sparsha Trust is working towards a protective environment that promotes child care and development. In the process, we work on a number of aspects such as child protection, child care, child development, and youth skills development to benefit children at our development centers across urban and rural Bangalore.

Annual events are organized through the year that is aimed to empower children with the relevant skills to develop, nurture their self-esteem and confidence. We realize that children must be given the support and encouragement so that they can understand their potential.

We reach out to children with the need for the following:

Child Protection

Emergency management and child advocacy

Our children at Sparsha are provided the protective environment that helps them to develop under care. They are able to gain confidence as a result and gain self-esteem.

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Child Care

Residential shelters and basic needs for children

Apart from education and family integration, children are provided with residential shelters where they can develop and grow under the guidance of our team.

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Child Development

Residential centers – schools, libraries, and social training

We have several residential centers across Bangalore where we cater to the overall needs for child development and growth.

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Youth Skills Development

Job training for older youth

Sparsha Trust provides support to youth with skills required fortraining and development in various fields.


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Annual Events

Fun events in which children participate

Every year, there are several events organized by the Sparsha Trust such as Summer Camp, Friends of Sparsha, and more.

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