Those women who are working as construction labourersor are into begging or rag pickingor are from low-income group lack adequate knowledge or access to opportunities to improve their lives. They also face wage discrimination, harassment, work placehazards and lack safety and security.

In this scenario, pregnant or lactating women belonging to the above categories are even more vulnerable, especially as their pre-natal and post-natal care is largely neglected. Due to their poverty, pregnant women facethe risk of malnutrition, delivering under-weight babies, or even losing the child during pregnancy or post-delivery.

Started in 2020, AVANI, which signifies earth in the role of a mother or nurturer,was initiated to support pregnant and lactating mothers with daily and monthly nutrients enriched food, health care and monitoring till the child is 2 years old. It also aims to influence Government Departments to prioritize comprehensive care, including health and nutrition, for pregnant and lactating women.

  • Bangalore Urban
  • Identifying pregnant and lactating mothers in the working areas and providing them with nutrients enriched food through linkages with Govt and other donors
  • Ensuring timely immunization and vaccination schedules
  • Awareness on safe and healthy motherhood and age-appropriate development for infants (0 to 2 years)
  • Supporting women/families to enroll children to Anganwadi centers (early child carecenters) and schools
  • Sustainability through CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives and Governmental support

200 pregnant & lactating women and their families 6 to 7 communities

  • Pregnant women and lactating mothers are improving their overall health status as they are able to access nutrients enriched food.
  • Timely immunization orvaccination is protecting them from various illnesses.
  • Improved breast feeding practices is leading to better infant health.
  • All deliveries are institutionalized with reduced cases of infant mortality.
  • Women are taking precautions to protect themselves from illnesses.
  • The health check- ups is helping in timely diagnosis of diseases and their treatment.
  • Supporting interventions to about 1000 pregnant and lactating mothers for two years
  • Empowering about 50% women to mainstream socio-economically through counselling and referrals to vocational skills