Corporate Supporters:

Sparsha Trust would like to thank all the partners who are following us and are helping us to build our children career in a very successful manner. All your generous support and good-heart, by the way of monetary sustain, teaching children, giving basic required materials and organizing a lot of other activities for the children, enable us to work more energetically.

We have collaborated with various companies, government and institutions in different areas and have been working along with them to produce a significant impact on the society.
Our regular supporters who are following us for more than two years are mentioned below in chronological order:

Inner Wheel Club, Bangalore West

We would like to tell that the first support has been received from Inner wheel club Bangalore west. The club is supporting Sparsha since 2009 in an excellent manner by setting up exhibitions of our children’s work, fulfilling educational needs, supporting annual events, refurbishing works etc. Inner Wheel Club is also funding a part of the construction of Nisarga Grama. This esteemed group awarded Sparsha with the ‘Kalasha’ award in 2012 in recognition of the work we are doing with our children.

Kennametal shared and services India Ltd.

Kennametal is supporting Sparsha since 2009. In the first time, two employees came forward and formed a group called ‘Neralu’ – A shadow for Sparsha – which regroups now more than 150 volunteers from Kennametal. The company is linked to Sparsha with CSR and they are now supporting the Nisarga Grama project by funding the construction of a 50-Girl dormitory there. The team of ‘Neralu’ takes care of the centres requirements, gives monetary support, volunteers and construction support, etc.

Lodge Sainik 196 Bangalore

Lodge Sainik is supporting the Shikshana Mitra II centre since 2010, by giving the necessary groceries every month. The team also committed to help us with the construction of Nisarga Grama. Lodge Sainik takes part of the overall Sparsha’s activities by providing us assistance in planning and organization.

Excalibur Foundation

Since 2012, Excalibur Foundation is supporting the annual events of Sparsha and leading Career counselling for the children. It has funded the running of the Shikshana Mitra I centre in 2014, and is helping now to run the MDLC. Counsellors from the foundation often visit Sparsha’s centres and spend time with our children who really need guidance. Moreover, Excalibur Foundation is taking care of the Nisarga Grama Architect expenditure. Presently, they are developing software for Sparsha to take care of the administration work and the child-related documents. They support the centres by giving quilling materials for handicrafts and help us to conduct events to exhibit the children’s work. We proudly say that the Excalibur Foundation is the back bone of Sparsha’s activities.

Light a life, First American India

This team has started supporting Sparsha in 2012 for the setup of the Shikshana Mitra I centre. Every year since then, they are offering us place to exhibit our children’s art and crafts, and are providing clothing, and required educational and stationary equipment. Presently, the team is funding a part of the construction and the setup of Nisarga Grama.

Infinite Computer Solutions

Sparsha is running the Chinnara Thangudhama centre with the support of Infinite computer solutions (India) Ltd Company since 2013. They provide us with monetary support and give basic requisite materials for the children. The sincere and enthusiastic commitment of this office to help our children is very cheering and enables us to work more actively. Moreover since 2014, Infinite computer organize every year Golf games to support Sparsha and reach more people for fundraisings.

Walmart Bangalore

The team of Walmart has visited all our centres in 2013 and has witnessed our actions among the children. They decided to collaborate with us and created a strong partnership. Since then, they are providing every year the Sparsha children with clothing and basic educational equipment. In 2016, they funded through their CSR a part of the construction of Nisarga Grama.

Residents of Bearys Lakeside Habitat

Sparsha would like to thank the esteemed residents who are supporting us since 2013 by the way of providing financial assistance, teaching children, giving basic required materials and organizing a lot of other activities for the children. The sincere and wholehearted commitment of all the residents to help our Nisarga Grama Project is very encouraging and enables us to work more actively.

Canadian International School, Mallya Aditi International student counsel

Since 2014, these two International Schools are actively involved in helping Sparsha’s children. Every month, they invite our children in their school to give them one-to-one tutoring in art and craft, English reading, etc. It is a multi-cultural enriching exchange between the children.

Sitaram Jindal Foundation

In 2015, the foundation has visited all the centres and they have decided to create a partnership with Sparsha in order to strengthen our activities. The esteemed organization has given partial funds to take part in the construction of Nisarga Grama. In the meanwhile, it is also supporting some of the on-going activities of Sparsha.

AXA Business Services

In 2015, AXA Business Services have created a partnership with Sparsha to build an educational block in Nisarga Grama. The company is very engaged in the setup of the learning hub there, using innovative digital material. They are also giving a lot of opportunities to exhibit the children’s art and crafts among the employees.

Gokaldas Warehousing Corporation

The team has visited our centres and joined our activities in 2015. They wanted to get involved in our projects and have started to give us financial assistance to set up Nisarga Grama. Mr Rajendra Hinduja, MD of Gokaldas Warehousing Corporation is playing a direct role in Sparsha as an honourable advisory member. The Sindi Hospital, which belongs to this team, is taking care of the major health issues of the Sparsha children.

ChildLine India Foundation

Sparsha has been selected by the Government of India, in recognition of Sparsha’s capability of reaching out to the needy children in a continuous manner and having the right impact through effective suite of intervention services to collaborate with ChildLine India in 2015. Together we set up a ChildLine1098 Centre for Bangalore Rural District at Hoskote, Devanahalli, Dodballapura, and Nelamangalla Taluks to reach every child who needs care and protection.

Jai Shivshakti Health and Educational Foundation

The team has visited our centres and joined our activities in 2015. They wanted to get involved in our projects and have started to give us financial assistance to set up Nisarga Grama.

America India Foundation

In collaboration with ADOBE software, the America India Foundation has initiated in 2016 for Sparsha’s youth a Graphic & Print Design course in the MAST (Market Aligned Skill Training) centre. From now on, the course will be set up every year for 50 young adults and is a new promising project for Sparsha.

Fidelity National Financial India

In 2016, Fidelity National Financial has initiated with Sparsha the ‘Save me’ project, which consists on the creation of four contact points in Mysore road, Bangalore urban and Hosakote Bangalore rural areas. The goal is to connect to every child that needs care and protection and give him/her basic education.