Corporate Supporters:

Sparsha Trust is grateful to all its partners for their support in helping us to improve the lives of children and ensure their access to education. The support, extended by way of monetary assistance and  guidance, is enabling us to provide them with basic amenities, care and protection. Over the years, as the association with various companies, government departments, individuals, forums and institutions is growing, we are able to reach out to more and more children and youth each year. It is not only the children, but also their families, who are benefitting from the multi-dimensional development services.

Their support is having a significant impact on the society.

Inner Wheel Club, Bangalore West

Inner Wheel Club Bangalore West, which was among the first to support us, is continuing to help us in one way or the other since 2009. The Club organizes annual events and exhibitions where many of Sparsha Trust’s children’s art and handicraft work are displayed. Apart from meeting the educational needs of the children, Inner Wheel Club also contributed towards the construction of Nisarga Grama. Sparsha Trust was awarded with Inner Wheel Club’s ‘Kalasha’ award in 2012 in recognition of its work with the children.

Kennametal Shared and Services India Ltd.

In 2009, two employees of Kennametal Shared and Services Ltd formed a group called ‘Neralu’, meaning shadow, with the aim to support Sparsha Trust in different ways. Now this group has grown to more than 150 volunteers who are engaging the children in different activities. The company’s funding made it possible to construct a 50 bed capacity dormitory for girls at Nisarga Grama. They continue to support in meeting the operational costs of Nisarga Grama and engage in CSR activities.

Association with the Government organizations and Departments

Department Of Education

In the initial days of its functioning, Sparsha Trust worked with the Department of Education on the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan project whose aim was to get every child back to school. The association was from 2009 to 2014.

Department of Women and Child Welfare

From 2012, the Department of Women and Child Welfare, Karnataka and also the Central Government supported to open shelters in urban and rural Bangalore Districts. Two open shelters were opened in Rajarajeshwari Nagar and the other in Hosakote which reached out to about 120 kids every year. We organize educational bridge courses for the children in order to prepare them to eventually enroll into regular schools. Apart from providing care and protection, the programmes also work on their personality development issues.

Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagar Palike

Sparsha is working with the BBMP (Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagar Palike) in providing shelter and care for homeless people. The shelter is at Murphy Town and nearly 60 people are using this facility every year.

Department of Labour

Sparsha is working with the Department of Labour to provide non-formal learning centres for the children of families working as construction labourers under the NCLP (National Child Labour Programme).

Excalibur Foundation

I Since 2012, Excalibur Foundation is supporting us in various aspects like honorarium to individuals, support to our annual events, our ongoing activities etc. Excalibur foundation plays a vital role in Sparsha operations and activities. Excalibur also supported Nisarga Grama’s (shelter for 300 Children) architect’s expenditure. We proudly say that Excalibur Foundation is the back bone of Sparsha’s activities.

Light a life, First American India

I We joined hands with First American India in 2012 to setup the Shikshana Mitra I centre at Sanjeevini Nagar. They also contributed towards the partial construction of Nisarga Grama and supported the running expenses for the children staying there. They also provide us the space to exhibit our children’s art and craft creations by conducting annual events.

Infinite Computer Solutions

Sparsha is running the Chinnara Thangudhama centre with the support of Infinite Computer Solutions (India) Ltd Company since 2013. Their monetary support and providing of basic materials is helping us to improve the lives of the children in different ways. Sparsha Trust feels very motivated by the company’s sincere and enthusiastic commitment. Since 2014, Infinite Computer Solutions is organizing an annual Golf tournament as a fund raising activity for Sparsha Trust. This also helps in making the public aware about our programmes.

Walmart Bangalore

After visiting all our centres in 2013, Walmart began its collaboration with Sparsha Trust. Since then, we are fortunate to be in strong partnership with Walmart. Each year, the company provides Sparsha Trust’s children with clothes and basic educational accessories. From 2016 to 2018, through their CSR funding, they supported a part of the construction of Nisarga Grama and upgrading of its facilities. The company’s employees are extremely committed in their work as volunteers.

Canadian International School and Mallya Aditi International School Student Counsel

Since 2014, these two International Schools are actively involved in helping Sparsha’s children. Every month, they invite our children to their respective schools, where their students tutor our children on an one-to-one basis in art and craft and English reading. It is a multi-cultural enriching exchange between the children

MCK Feed the Hungry Foundation

Food for Hunger is providing 375 kgs of rice each month to our shelter since the last 5 years and distributes blankets to the urban homeless people to keep warm every year.

Sitaram Jindal Foundation

Sparsha Trust’s association with Sitaram Jindal Foundation began in 2015 after a visit by its members to all our activity. It partially funded the construction of Nisarga Grama and is supporting some of the educational requirements of the children. Their support is very much needed to strengthen our activities.

Gokaldas Warehousing Corporation

Gokuldas Warehousing Corporation began to support Sparsha Trust’s activities after visiting its centres in 2015. Mr. Rajendra Hinduja, its Managing Director, is a honourable advisory member to Sparsha Trust. The company played a major role in the completion of Nisarga Grama by providing financial assistance. At present, it is supporting in meeting its operational costs.

ChildLine India Foundation

In recognition of its capability to identify needy children and provide them with various services in order to improve their lives, the Government of India chose Sparsha Trust as an implementation partner in one of its projects called ChildLine 1098. ChildLine India Foundation has been collaborating with Sparsha Trust since 2015 and during this time, they set up a ChildLine 1098 Centre in four talukas of Bangalore Rural District - Hoskote, Devanahalli, Dodballapura, and Nelamangalla which is reaching out to the children in need of care and protection.

Mobile Creches

After a due diligence in 2015, Mobile Creche Delhi began its support to Sparsha Trust to set up mobile crèches for children of parents working in the construction industry in Bangalore. At present, it is supporting three crèches or centres located at different construction sites. Their staff is building the capacities of our staff due to which our programme documenting the programme activities and other aspects in a systematic manner.


Netscout started associating with Sparsha Trust since 2014 after it’s team members visited our centre at Sanjeevini Nagar. The children visit the office of Netscout every week, where they learn English, maths and computers from the employees of the organization, absolutely free of cost. The high standard of teaching of the employees, who are volunteering, can be seen from the fact that three of the Centre’s children are now studying in Rishi Valley School and are topping their respective classes. Since 2 years,they are supporting the running costs of the organization. In addition, Mr Chittaranjan, the vice president of Netscout is a member of the core committee of Makkala Dhama project, a proposed multi- dimensional development residential centre planned for completion by 2020.

Amrutanjan Health Care Pvt Ltd

Amruthanjan Health Care Pvt Ltd was introduced to us by one of our key associates Mr. Raghavan, who is the CEO of Bhartiya City. Since 2013, Amruthanjan Health Care is engaging with our children in different ways. From two years (2017 or 2016), it is also meeting the education requirements of the children of Sparsha Trust.


Mr Brijesh, a manager with Consaro , initiated the company’s volunteer engagement with Sparsha Trust, and is also directly involving in Sparsha’s activities since the last four years along with his team members. The dedicated team of volunteers engages in the annual events of Joy of Learning and summer camp activities. From 2018, they started providing small financial assistance to run Nisarga Grama and other programmes.

Persistent foundation

Persistent foundation started supporting Sparsha trust from 2015, volunteering , providing opportunities to children to engage with the employees of the organization, creating green campus at our children shelters, providing financial aid to our activities related to education and sponsoring children requirements.The organization has played a great role in the pandemic to support Sparsha and it's interventions to face pandemic. Every stage the foundation is with Sparsha to support our objectives.

ATARVI Charitable Trust

ATARVI Charitable Trust is supplying milk and nutritious food to the Sanjeevini Nagar shelter, through Sparsha Trust since 2016. It is also providing tuition support to 8 th to 10 th Class students at the Tindlu boys shelter.

America India Foundation

In collaboration with ADOBE software, America India Foundation supported Sparsha Trust to implement the very successful MAST (Market Aligned Skills Training) programme from 2016 to 2018 in Bangalore. The programme began with training 60 students a year and expanded to 3 Centres at Bangalore that trained more than 450 students a year. From October 2018, Sparsha Trust is implementing the MAST programme at Mysore which proposes to train 300 students a year, and also develop a training cum production unit model. The areas of training include retail management, electrical skills and fashion designing.

Smile Foundation

Supporting Sparsha Trust since 2016, Smile Foundation is engaged in the capacity building or skills development of underprivileged youths through STeP (Smile’s Twin E Learning Programme) in the field of retail management, computer skills, spoken English and personality development. About 75% of the 120 youth trained each year have been placed by Sparsha Trust, who is running this Centre in Yelahanka.

United Way, Bangalore

In December 2017, after visiting our programmes, United Way invited us to submit a proposal for the development of 10 Anganwadi centres for children below 6 years. After seeing the positive impact of our work on the children in these 10 Anganwadi Centres, United Way extended their support to the development of 40 Anganwadi Centres. This support has gone a long way towards improving the functioning of the anganwadis, upgrading the infrastructure and enhancing the skills of the teachers through various training programmes. Very committed to the issue of the children, the organisation is also meeting the needs of Nisarga Grama.

Toyota Kirloskar

Having gone through our website, Toyota Kirloskar team contacted Sparsha and discussed the developing of a Government school into a model school in 2017. Seeing the positive impact of the pilot phase of the project implementation, it extended its support to developing the model school at Devalinganapalya, Bidadi. Since December 2017, thanks to their support, Sparsha Trust has been able to implement various interventions that engage the parents, community and various stakeholders in an integrated movement to develop the model school.

Quest Alliance

After observing our activities in 2017, Quest Alliance started to support Sparsha Trust from Jan 2018 to upgrade the skills of youth in retail management, basic computer and digital marketing. Due to their support, Sparsha Trust is able to train 120 youth every year at the Quest Alliance Training centre at Mathikere.

IBM support

IBM began its association with Sparsha Trust in 2013 when it initially supported its multi-dimensional development centre for children. Then, again from 2018, its volunteering employees are upgrading Sparsha’s website and other digital media related work through its employee engagement activity. About 50 of IBM’s volunteers are also associating with one of our mobile crèche centre located near Manyata Tech park with the objective to set it up and develop it with a nominal financial contribution.

Terex India private limited

The present CFO of Terex Mr Srikanth is supported Sparsha Trust since 9 years, guiding us and working on various activities. Through him, since 2018, the company is supporting the educational interventions of the children.

Faiveley transport India

The CSR initiate team under the eminent leadership of Dr Sundaresh , Head CSR , has joined hands with Sparsha Trust to support the children with food, , Shelter and clothes . Also the organization is involving with us to develop proper documentation process and other CSR aspects

Azim Premji Philanthropic initiatives (APPI)

APPI did due diligence with Sparsha trust from 1 st Sep 2018 to 15 th Sep 2019 and after the verification of all the merits , chose our organization to extend their support for three continuous years for Nisarga Grama and Makkaladhama Project. The team APPI is also working with Sparsha Trust to strengthen the urban homeless interactions in Karnataka.

Corporate Companies: