Child Protection Programmes

Childline 1098

Since 2015, Childline 1098 is being implemented in Bangalore Rural (Doddaballapur, Nellamangala,Hoskote, and Devanahalli) by Sparsha Trust along with two other NGOs. A nodal organization, Sparsha Trust is supported by Childline India Foundation, Ministry of Women and Child Welfare, Government of India. Apart from creating awareness about Childline 1098, Sparsha Trust is also into rescue, organizing outreach and awareness programmes, phone testing and open house for addressing local issues related to children. An average of 700 to 800 cases are handled every year.

About ChildLine 1098

Imagine a 24-hour confidential emergency hot line for children. India’s first.

ChildLine provides 24-hour, toll free, emergency phone service for children in need of care and protection. Any child or concerned adult can call 1098 any time of the day or night. We especially want to help children who are being treated violently or sexually abused by adults.

Each call center has a team of trained youth who answer calls 24 hours a day. Within 60 minutes the team rushes to the child to resolve the crisis. This may involve going to a police station, the Juvenile Welfare Board to or a hospital. We remain in contact with the child until the crisis ends and then offer options for long term rehabilitation.

Results during 2017-18:

  • Rescue: 442 cases were reported, of which Devanahalli had 106 cases, Hoskote had 111 cases, Doddaballapur had 108 cases and Nelamangala had 97 cases. There were 217 cases under phone testing activities. Of the 111 cases in Hoskote, 20-25 children have been rescued. And of the 106 cases in Devanahalli, about 20 cases have been rescued.
  • Open House programme: 5 open house programmes were held during the year
  • Outreach and awareness: About 6680 children from 130 schools and child care centres attended the outreach and awareness programmes.

Operation Smile/Rakshana:

Sparsha Trust is working for the identification, rescue and rehabilitationof children who are into begging and on the streets by collaborating with thePolice, Department of Women and Child Development, Department of  Education and Department of Labour. Working in Bangalore North along with other NGOs, every two years, there is a designated ‘rescue day’, during which Sparsha Trust identifies children who are begging on the streets and tries to rehabilitate them in their families or in childcare homes as per the guidelines. We rescued 300 children in  2010 and about 295 children in 2013. We are actively engaging with the Department to identify children in need of care and protection, rescue children from begging and rehabilitate them as per the guidelines of the Juvenile Justice Act.

Member of RTE Task Force (Right To Education):

Since 2013, Sparsha Trust is part of an important RTE Task Force which is a coalition of NGOs working for children’s Education Rights. Given its rich grassroots level experience, Sparsha Trust has contributed to the Task Force by creating awareness about Right To Education (RTE) and has resolved cases related to violation of Child Rights.

Human Trafficking Abolition Coalition Bangalore Rural

Awareness about Human Rights violation, human trafficking, abuses on children and women is an important step towards taking action against the offenders and protecting children and women. As a district convener of the HTAC, in collaboration with International Justice Mission, the police and other NGOs, Sparsha Trust has created awareness about related issues since 2015 in Bangalore Rural. Cases are informed to the right authorities. We have also created awareness about the issues among all the Panchayats in Bangalore Rural Districts.  Since 2015, we are engaged in preventing human trafficking in various ways.

KSCPCR:Karnataka State Commission for Protection of Child Rights

Apart from field based activities, Sparsha Trust is striving to bring about a change at the larger level through advocacy, large scale awareness programmes, strengthening of policies and their implementation related to Child Rights and its protection in Karnataka.

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