By sponsoring a child in need, you can help provide health care, education, and support for a life-changing transformation. Become a donor to create a personal bond with the children at Sparsha.

Your contribution is meaningful, which will enable us to bring essentials like clean water, nutrition, basic healthcare, and education to build a better future for your sponsored child and the community.

At Sparsha NGO for children in Bangalore and other rural areas of Karnataka, you can provide your financial support to help these kids develop personally and academically.

As the sponsor of a child, you can follow-up with the progress of the child for whom you have pledged to donate. We send across to you the insights of how your contribution has positively impacted the lives of your sponsored child.

Market Aligned Skills Training

Shikshana Mitra 2 Kids

Sparsha Trust has always encouraged the donors of children to not just extend their economic support to these kids who are deprived and rescued by our volunteers, but also to establish a personal connect with them to become a positive influence on their progress.

Your every contribution makes a significant difference in a child’s life.

Create a connect. Become a donor.

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