Inner Wheel Club, Bangalore West

We would like to tell that the first support has been received from Inner wheel club Bangalore west. The club is supporting Sparsha since 2009 in an excellent manner by […]

Kennametal shared and services India Ltd.

Kennametal is supporting Sparsha since 2009. In the first time, two employees came forward and formed a group called ‘Neralu’ – A shadow for Sparsha – which regroups now more […]

Lodge Sainik 196 Bangalore

Lodge Sainik is supporting the Shikshana Mitra II centre since 2010, by giving the necessary groceries every month. The team also committed to help us with the construction of Nisarga […]

Excalibur Foundation

Since 2012, Excalibur Foundation is supporting the annual events of Sparsha and leading Career counselling for the children. It has funded the running of the Shikshana Mitra I centre in […]

Infinite Computer Solutions

Sparsha is running the Chinnara Thangudhama centre with the support of Infinite computer solutions (India) Ltd Company since 2013. They provide us with monetary support and give basic requisite materials […]

Walmart Bangalore

The team of Walmart has visited all our centres in 2013 and has witnessed our actions among the children. They decided to collaborate with us and created a strong partnership. […]

Residents of Bearys Lakeside Habitat

Sparsha would like to thank the esteemed residents who are supporting us since 2013 by the way of providing financial assistance, teaching children, giving basic required materials and organizing a […]

Sitaram Jindal Foundation

In 2015, the foundation has visited all the centres and they have decided to create a partnership with Sparsha in order to strengthen our activities. The esteemed organization has given […]

AXA Business Services

In 2015, AXA Business Services have created a partnership with Sparsha to build an educational block in Nisarga Grama. The company is very engaged in the setup of the learning […]