Child development work of Sparsha

Nisarga Grama, a flagship program of Sparsha Trust

Recognizing the need for a 24/7 facility to ensure protection and development of children who have faced abuse, neglect and exploitation, Sparsha Trust built Nisarga Grama (nature village) a state-of-the-art multi-dimensional development centre for neglected, abused and exploited children. Nisarga Grama can house about 300 children and has various facilities including dormitories for boys and girls, learning center, kitchen and dining hall, multipurpose hall, library, computer lab, science lab, theatre centre, art and craft centre, and a playground for children. It also has agricultural activities, and solar and bio-gas facilities.

As a result, children from the street families have a safe place to live, study and progress. Nisarga Grama, which is the coming true of a 10 years old dream, transforms the lives of the children in the following manner:

Opened in October 2016, at present about 135 children are staying in the centre. About 80% are girls and the remaining are boys. Among them 70% children are going to Government schools while about 30 children are going to private schools. 10 children are going to colleges.

Partial support we are receiving from corporates and individuals, major sponsors like Kennametal India, Walmart Bangalore, First American India, Terrex India, New Horizon Educational Trust, AmrutanjanHealth Care ltd, Dellite Bangalore, United Way Bangalore and other corporates and individuals.

Urban Deprived Children Centre (Chinnara Thangudhama)

This project was initiated on 4th December 2010 and ran up to 2013 with the support of the education department. Since 2014, Sparsha Trust is managing this residential Centre only for boys above 14 years with the support of Infinite Computer Solutions and individual donors. The boys, who stay here till they complete their education, get job placement or are referred to vocational training colleges. The boys access a wholesome development experience at the centre as they get food, educational materials, support in studying, health care facilities and career counseling.

Development of Model Anganwadi Centres (Early child care creches)

Recognizing the need to have professionally maintained model Anganwadi centres, Sparsha Trust initially identified 10 Anganawadi centres with poor infrastructure in Wilson Garden area in December 2017. With the support of United Way, Bangalore, Sparsha Trust transformed these Anganawadi Centres by upgrading their infrastructure in every way – repairing electricity connections, painting, creating proper spaces for learning, cooking and serving area, rest area etc. Seeing the good response to the upgraded Anganawadi Centres, United Way came forward to support Sparsha Trust upgrade the infrastructure of 30 more Anganawadis in areas of Belanduru urban.

We are also organizing training programs for Anganwadi teachers and helpers and engaging the parents and community in day to day operations. Till date, around 500 children are spending their time in a meaningful manner, in a safe and comfortable atmosphere in these Centres.

Development of Government School into a model school

Although government schools are very important in ensuring education for children from low income groups across the country, they are facing problems such as dropouts, especially among girls and inadequate quality education and learning methods/techniques. With support from Toyota Kirloskar Pvt Ltd, in December 2017, Sparsha Trust began to work on developing the government school in Devalinganapalya, Hejjala, Bidadi, Ramnagar, Bangalore Rural into a model school.

The project aims to benefit not only the 40 children studying in the school but also a model village community and anganawadi as part of a 6-year plan.

Activities include baseline survey of households, social campaign to mobilize support for the school, children assessment, english course teaching, curriculum development, and extra-curricular activities and science related activities.

AVID (Alumni for Village Integrated Development)

Conceived and designed by Sparsha Trust, AVID is a unique program that gives the well-placed alumni of any village or town the opportunity to participate and support in the integrated development in their native place or village.

In the pilot phase or pre-project implementation phase of AVID, the alumni of Mulbagal aimed to develop the only primary school of Manchiganahalli, Kolar District and Devanahalli, Bijwarainto a model school. The alumni monitored and guided by Gopinath, Managing Trustee of Sparsha Trust, have put in extensive work to improve the conditions of the schools, anganwadis, community hall and other village facilities. The Manchiganahalli school even won an award at the district level as the best school. In Bijjawara, Devanahalli, Bangalore Rural District the student’s strength increased from 50 to 60 students and 18 to 40 at Manchiganahalli. The alumni are taking care of key operations of the schools and the village to create a self-sustained village model.

Makkala Dhama – born out of the need to consolidate interventions for better impact

Sparsha Trust is consolidating its interventions so that it can provide more focused care to the children staying in different shelters and also expand its scope of work. Also, this move is in accordance to the regulations of Juvenile Justice Act (Board) that boys and girls cannot be housed in the same complex or building. Therefore, Sparsha Trust is constructing Makkala Dhama, a multi-dimensional residential development centre for 300 boys in need of protection, care, education and development at Devanahalli Bangalore rural district.

A management committee consisting of high level corporate sector professionals and development sector professionals are regularly meeting to discuss, plan and review the activities towards the building of Makkala Dhama. We have launched this project on 1st December 2018 and would be targeting to house the children by June 2020.