Stable environments for growth, maturity, social integration, and education

Nisarga Grama (nature village)

This is our flagship program, built from the ground up, now housing over 150 children of all ages.


In Bangalore, there are many children living on the streets, abandoned or fleeing exploitation, deprivation, or strained relationships. The lure of a good life made them come to the city where they suffer various types of abuse. Some children are school drop outs who turn to begging, rag picking, and petty crimes. Many come from single-parent homes in extreme poverty.

To address this need, Sparsha Trust built Nisarga Grama (nature village) a state-of-the-art multi-dimensional development centre for neglected, abused and exploited children between 6 and 18 years of age.


The construction of Nisarga Grama at Hesarghatta, Bangalore began in October 2016. Designed to accommodate 300 children, the Centre was inaugurated in 2017. Nisarga Grama is being supported by Individuals and corporates including Kennametal, Walmart, First American India, Netscot, Terex, Amruthanjan Health Care Ltd, Persistent Foundation.


  • Children and families: Here children have a safe place to live, study and progress. This is a great benefit to single-parent families. The rights of the children are protected.
  • Community: Here children are engaged in productive activities, becoming socially sensitive and respectful towards elders and women, learning positive values and discipline.
  • Workforce for the country: Here children are growing up in a proper atmosphere, getting qualified for sustainable jobs, thereby avoiding forced under-employment.

Alumni for Villages Integrated Development

With this program, Sparsha Trust facilitates the process of successful people who now work in larger cities to “give back” by contributing to their original home village. These contributions of skill and funding support hospitals and schools, i.e. education, health, environment and infrastructure.

Many of India’s successful people have a strong social conscience. Through Alumni for Villages Integrated Development (AVID) the alumni of the village get the opportunity to participate and support development in their native village. The development could be that of a school, or hospital or the overall development in their village.

Model Anganwadi Centres

Sparsha Trust recognized the need for improved early child-care centres for poor families in Bangalore suitable for children 0-6 years of age.

Sparsha Trust transformed 10 Anganawadi Centres by upgrading their infrastructure – repairing electrical connections, painting, creating proper spaces for learning, cooking, serving, resting etc. The initial 10 centres were located in Wilson Garden, Corporation, City Market and Avenue Road area.

Because of good response to the first 10 upgraded Anganawadi Centres, we received additional support to upgrade 20 more in Belanduru and Oodi. To date, around 500 children have benefitted through the Anganawadi Centres as they are spending their time in a meaningful manner, in a safe and comfortable atmosphere.

Sparsha Trust engages with parents and community regularly in order to mobilize their support.

Model Government Schools

In 2017, Sparsha Trust began work on developing the Government school in Devalinganapalya, Hejjala, Bidadi into a model school. Supported by Toyota Kirloskar Foundation Pvt Ltd, the project aims to benefit not only the 40 children studying in the school but also the village community.

Makkala Dhama Centre (children’s sanctuary)

(future project)

To meet the needs of the large construction workforce expected in the future, Sparsha Trust plans to build a 300 capacity multi-dimensional residential centre for boys in in Yelahanka, ISRO Layout, Bangalore North.

Devanahalli is expected to witness the development a multibillion-dollar business park with two IT parks on an area of nearly 400 acres near the airport. An Aerospace Park, Science Park and a Financial City are also planned.

Additionally, Devanahalli is situated near the upcoming 12,000-acre (49 km2) BIAL IT Investment Region, which is said to be the largest IT region in India. This is in addition to the growing number of residential and commercial complexes in the area. With such large-scale construction in progress, workers will be required in very large numbers.

At present, thousands of migrant couples and labourer families work at construction sites from dawn to dusk. Without proper parental attention, the children of the migrant families spend their time without any proper activity.

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