Residential and development centers of Sparsha

Safe shelters of Sparsha ensure that our children are given proper care for sustainable growth and living. Over the years we have rescued child labourers, children and adults in distress and inducted them into our various protection shelters across Karnataka.

Shikshana Mitra Residential Centers

We operate two educational centers in Bangalore with a focus on imparting learning to the children of 6-14 years of which most of them are girls. Our team selects more highly educated youth in the target community to act as role models and inspire children to learn at our two centres. These young leaders ensure that every child is enrolled into formal or non-formal schools situated near the centre. They also conduct tuition classes, motivational sessions and other creative workshops to enable these children to develop.

Shikshana Mitra Kids

Shikshana Mitra I

Our first centre, Shikshana Mitra I was created in 2009 in the Sanjivininagar area of Bangalore. This area has a significant population of labourers involved in construction, domestic, and apartment house keeping (contract labourers) work.

Children belonging to this community do not find support for education at home, it is noticed that there is a large proportion of school dropouts among them. Each year, 40 to 45 such deprived children are accommodated in this centre.

Shikshana Mitra II

Shikshana Mitra II, our second shelter started in 2010 to help the children of construction workers at Manyata Tech Park near Hebbal. This population consists of migrants from North Karnataka who have come in search of work due to natural calamity in 2009. These families are engaged in daily wage work.

Due to low wages, they are not able to fulfill their basic needs like food, clothing, housing, etc. In fact, more than four people live in small plastic covered tents or thatched houses that are smaller than 4 x 3 meters.

Shikshana Mitra 2 Kids

Chinnara Thangudhama Residential Center

The residential center for boys above 14 years serves as a protective shelter for 25-30 such children. Boys from the various children’s centers of Sparsha are moved to this site after age 14.

We encourage these young boys to receive education and other developmental programs till they complete their studies or get a job.

Until then we ensure that they receive food, educational materials and support, health care, and career counseling.

Chinnara Thangudhama Residential Center Kids

Makkala Mitra Residential Centers

In 2011, two new residential centers for children were initiated. These are 24-hour residential shelters for children that need care, protection and developmental opportunities. We provide food, “bridge” education, school enrollment, health care, sports and games for these kids.

Makkala Mitra 2 Kids
Makkala Mitra Kids

Makkala Mitra I & II/strong>

Located in Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Mysore Road, Bangalore, while Makkala Mitra II, is located in Hoskote.

These two centres aim to take care of children in a proper way in the absence of their parents. Their own work schedule and family circumstances led to the neglect of their children.

Through the below save me “contact points”, day care centres located in the area, Makkala Mitra I reaches out to up to 70 children, while 25 to 30 children come in to the shelter on a daily basis.

Save me “Contact Points”

Sparsha Trust opened four new service centres in 2016 for children of construction workers. These “contact points” are located at Nayandahalli, Hoskote, and Mestripalya.

During 2016, about 150 children have benefited by getting access to nutrient enriched food, and quarterly health check-ups. About 50 children have been enrolled in school. Parents of children also became engaged in their children’s development.

Apta Mitra night shelter

Since 2012, Sparsha trust initiated a night shelter known as Apta Mitra (friend of those in distress or need) for up to 60 homeless people in urban Bangalore. The centre is located in Ulsoor, and is funded by Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagar Palike.

Apta Mitra provides night shelter for those adults living in dire circumstances or in extreme poverty. These men and women come in to the centre in the evening to sleep and leave in the morning for their respective work.

The absence of a family or close ones can make the inmates feel depressed and isolated. Sparsha Trust regularly counsels them to help them to maintain a positive attitude towards life.

Recognizing the importance of recreation in the lives of the elderly staying in Apta Mitra, Sparsha Trust organizes activities such as a one-day trips and other events. The break from the routine brings cheer to the lives of the shelter’s residents. All the logistics of travel and food are covered by Sparsha Trust.

Mobile Crèches

Sparsha Trust initiated three mobile crèches – two at Mestripalya, behind Manyata Tech Park and one at Hommbale Construction, Kommaghatta, near NICE Road.

Through this project, children who live in a semi-constructed room without proper food or care are given food and health care. Although they do not attend school, the project enrolls them in an informal educational system ensuring that they learn various subjects. Depending upon the age group, these children are taught alphabets to the basic levels of different subjects.

Services include:

  • Teaching the basics of Kannada, English and Hindi
  • Sports, Crafts, Drawing, Music, Yoga, Dance and Other Cultural Activities
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Evening Snacks along with Dinner
  • Safe area for relaxation and sleep
  • Exposure trips
  • Monthly meetings with parents and community
  • Regular medical checkups

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