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Year Female Male Total
2009-10 28 21 49
2010-11 115 96 211
2011-12 50 156 206
2012-13 150 231 381
2013-14 108  181 289
2014-15 99 127 226

Every Child has the Right to Enjoy a Happy and safe Childhood

A young girl is running in your neighbourhood with a broad smile on her face. Have you seen her before? She looks tired and she had probably faced too many issues beyond her years, but she has so much joy in her that you could see it on her face and hear it in her voice. She comes closer and you recognize her now: she is the same girl who was hanging around in the streets yesterday and begging for money but today she does look different.

Today she does not live in the street anymore; she has been welcomed in a centre with a lot of other children just like her, a centre where she can get care and protection. There, she does not have to be scared about the cold, the hunger, the diseases, the traffickers or the drug dealers, as she used to. Free from these fears, she has finally the right to play, to laugh, to dance, to dream… And soon she will go to school and discover a huge world she was excluded from. Through learning, reading and challenging, she will be able to unleash her creativity and rebuilt her self-confidence to realize how talented she is. She will develop her knowledge and her passions to imagine freely her own future.

Your eyes follow her as she races past you and her laugh trembled deep in your soul. Yesterday people looked at her as a deprived and underprivileged kid but today she is just a kid who can fully enjoy a happy and safe childhood. Nobody has the right to take this precious gift from her. Her smile is the promise of her new life: she had been truly born again.

Enable every single child to enjoy a happy and safe childhood: this is the dream that Sparsha Trust will pursue ceaselessly until it becomes true. Will you share our dream?