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Children Coverage Detail

Year Female Male Total
2009-10 28 21 49
2010-11 115 96 211
2011-12 50 156 206
2012-13 150 231 381
2013-14 108  181 289
2014-15 99 127 226

Our mission and aims

Sparsha Trust is a registered, charitable trust started in the year 2005. The trust is working for the holistic development of needy and vulnerable children focused on promotion and facilitation of Child Rights. It is committed for the identification, rescue and rehabilitation of children from 6 to 18 years old.

According to a survey conducted by the government and private departments in 2014–15, there are more than 14,000 child labourers and school dropouts in Bangalore City, and the number is growing day by day. These children are living in the streets and are deprived, out of school, drug-addicted, victims of sexual abuse, begging, rag-picking, running away, forced to work or victims of trafficking. Some of them do not have any parental care, are single-parent children, are suffering from different types of exploitation in the society or neglected by the secure social system.

These underprivileged children are deprived of their fundamental right to education and do not receive any support to come to the mainstream.


To create a society free of exploitation of children and help children to manifest their inherent potential and talents.


  • Create a safe home for every child with a free access to basic facilities (food, health, clothing)
  • Guarantee that children enjoy their constitutional rights and eradicate the child labour system
  • Develop the children’s creativity and strengthen their self-confidence
  • Provide quality and skills-oriented education to empower underprivileged children and youths
  • Create a community of responsibility and solidarity in which every child has his/her own place
  • Raise public awareness about Child Rights: care, protection, development and education


In the past seven years, Sparsha Trust has been able to mainstream more than 2500 children to school and reintegrate them with their families.

How does it work?

STEP 1 – Getting children to a safe centre
Field workers are permanently in contact with the communities in the areas of concerns. They identify children who do not have access to basic facilities and education. These children are relocated and housed in Sparsha centres, with the prior permission from their parents and the government system.

STEP 2 – Counselling and health check-ups
In the centres, the children are firstly accompanied for a health check-up. Their emotional well-being is assured through discussions with a counselor, in which children are encouraged to express their needs and difficulties. The aim is to help all the children to develop a positive attitude to life, recognize their strengths and express themselves.

STEP 3 – Bridging education gaps by focusing on the child’s interest
Children are then enrolled in a bridge school for 6 to 8 months to receive an individualized education, according to their age and ability. Teachers and trainers are available anytime to help the children to get involved in non-formal learning activities. They identify the children’s interests to encourage them to develop themselves in these specific fields.

STEP 4 – Enrolling in formal schools or colleges
After 12 to 15 months of non-formal classes, children are enrolled in a neighbouring school. They receive a formal education based on their age and learning level. To be sure to reach the level required, children can get tutoring in the evenings and have a free access to educational materials in the centres (library, science lab, computer lab, etc.).

STEP 5 – Family reintegration or further studies
After two years spent in our centres, families of the children are contacted to assess if they can support their child’s education and development. Our goal is to reintegrate the children with their families as early as possible. If they do not have any parental support, the children continue their studies in our centres or register in government or private childcare institutions.

STEP 6 – Vocational training and job placement
Above 16 years old, children and youth are welcomed in our centres to receive vocational trainings. Our aim is to give them opportunities to learn and then work in their own interested field (computing, design, art and craft, tailoring, etc.). More specifically, Sparsha wants also to provide job-oriented skills to rural youth to reduce the migration to cities.

STEP 7 – Alumni administration
Sparsha is a community of responsibility and solidarity in which everyone has his or her own place and fills out a special role. To ensure the long-term existence of our centres and make this community grow even more, a group with all the previous students has been created. The alumni support the organizational activities and are responsible for the administrative functioning.